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This is the inquiry and reservation page for River Nomad, a traveling Hokkaido Japan FlyFishing guide.


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    RiverNomad FlyFishing Guide

    River Nomad has set up base camps in various parts of Hokkaido and stays there for a few weeks to a month for fly fishing.

    Please tell us your desired area, river, and style. It is also possible to search for accommodation and make suggestions. (Hotels, inns, guesthouses, share houses, private lodgings, Airbnb, camping, etc.) We also propose the best routes and exciting fly fishing depending on the conditions of each region and river.

    Let’s meet Hokkaido quality fish.

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     In 2011, during an overnight trip around Japan, I became seriously absorbed in fly fishing in Hokkaido. I drive the Casita TGlobe in a Land Rover Defender 110 and spends about 200 days a year fishing in Hokkaido. I prefer single-handed dry and wet in mountain streams and single-handed skagit wets in medium-sized rivers. Since 2015, I have been mainly aiming for Teshio River main stream Ito in Nakagawa-cho in northern Hokkaido with traditional spey casting. In 2019, I started his private fly fishing guide, The Name is River Nomad.


    Please let us know your desired area, river, fly fishing style, etc.

    [1 person] 1 day 46,000 yen 2days 44,000 yen/per day 3days 42,000 yen/per day

    [2 people or more (per person)] 1 day 34,000 yen, 2days 32,000 yen/per day, 3days 30,000 yen/per day

    [Drone plan] Guide fee + per group per day 160000 yen

    [Fishing photography] 46,000 yen per group per day * Accompanying as a photographer


    *Guide fee includes tax. Vehicle and fuel costs for the day are included.

    *Guide fee includes photo shoot and bear spray rental on the day.

    *There is no accommodation fee for the guide.

    *The guide will take 8 hours (restricted time) from departure to arrival at the accommodation. Extension will be an addition of 5000 yen every hour.

    * Guides during the dark hours of the morning and evening have the risk of colliding with Yezo deer, encountering brown bears,

    Please note that we refrain from doing this due to the high risk of accidents and injuries.

    It may be possible if it is a relatively safe place, such as a lakeside or riverside campsite, or a river in town, so please contact us.

    *Safety first guide fishing. If you do not follow the instructions, we will stop fishing. You will be required to pay the full guide fee.

    * Tenkara, lure fishing, and bait fishing guides are also available for the same price.

    *Because Hokkaido is a vast area, we need to consult with you about transportation to and from distant places, and there will be an additional charge.


    If you would like a guide, please contact us by email form or DM on Instagram. It is also possible to search for accommodation and make suggestions.


    Basically, we will pay cash in advance on the day. I will issue a receipt to those who need it.

    Regarding the reservation cancellation fee, it will be 30% the day before, 50% the day before, and 100% on the day.

    On the day, no cancellation fee will be charged if fishing is impossible due to heavy rain.

    In that case, depending on your preference, we will respond to sightseeing guides, gourmet guides, fishing talks, drinking parties, etc.


    We ask you to agree to the disclaimer and notes.


    I have insurance, but if there is an unavoidable accident, I will be responsible for it.


    It is a system that joins long-term fishing trips, so please check with the schedule and contact us.


    Please refrain from uploading photos of points with distinctive backgrounds such as artificial objects, and uploading river names.


    Guests also have outdoor insurance. From 250 yen per day.


    Please understand that you are responsible for any unexpected accidents, floods, natural disasters, injuries, animal damage, etc.


    Please do not speak to others about the points that I have guided.


    We will do our best, but we are not responsible for bad weather, conditions, or fishing results because it is an adult play against nature.


    If there are any costs other than the guide fee, the customer will be responsible.


    Please consider tips etc. at the discretion of the guest.